Founded in 2011 by Leander X Schoeman – who started his career in Ballroom Dancing in 1991 (instruction, competition, show dance and choreography) – DANCE SCENARIO is a multi-genre dance studio offering the ultimate dance experience – blending fun, ease and ‘magic’ with quality dance instruction.

We are driven and guided by in what is important to you! We desire to add more value to your already magical experience with us and to ensure that you are always proud to be associated with us.


With our unique approach to personalised and functional dance instruction, we can assure that your specific needs, desires and dreams are met every step of the way.

We believe in principles of dance and movement, correct posture and poise, natural and uncomplicated movement as well as the right connection with your partner and understanding of the music, which will result in the best dance experience you can imagine!



Founder & Master Instructor

Competitive & "Social" Ballroom (all styles - International & American), Afri-Caribbean (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba), Argentine Tango & related, American Swing (Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast, West Coast, Country), Social & SA Folk (Boogie, Sokkie, Two Step), Line Dancing (Solo Latina, Fusion), DanceFit (CLADEnFiTo!, DanceFit Rehab, Stretching)

Leander is living out his passion in life that he discovered at the age of 20 – 'Ballroom Dancing' (while he was a final year, part-time, university "Food Science" student). He started to teach part time in 1991 (5 days a week - after varsity lectures) and also partnered his students in exhibition dancing and competitions (ProAm) at an American Style "chain dance studio" for several years.

From 1998 to 2012 he competed very successfully in DanceSport as an amateur (starting at Gold level and finishing at Championship Level) with various partners in the International Styles of Latin-American Dancing and Standard Ballroom Dancing, while pursuing a full-time day job in the corporate and semi-corporate environments as a procurement, and also a technical manager at various stages (until 2007).

Turning to a full-time dance instructor at the start of 2008, Leander also qualified as an International styles Dance Professional in 2012. He loves teaching, entertaining and inspiring his students to dance naturally with proper styling & technique, and especially for them to obtain a deep understanding of all underlying principles of energy (transmitted and received), mechanical & dynamical movement, emotions, characterization, and performance to express themselves fully. Having fun and enjoying themselves all the time, is not negotiable! Leander partners his students in ProAm competitions and various show dance events.

Leander has been (and still is) performing in dance demonstrations, instructional dance video productions, stage productions as well as private & corporate shows in all Ballroom and many other dance styles, including Cuban Style Salsa, American Swing, Cabaret and Argentine Tango throughout his career.



Erin N.

I cannot say in words how Leander has inspired and developed my child.  It was not only about dancing but also about life skills he instilled in her.

Elmien S.

Leander did an excellent job teaching my husband and I to perform a choreographed dance for our wedding. My husband has never danced before in his life and Leander had very little time to teach us. He did the impossible – we danced, and our guests loved it. I highly recommend him and will do it all over again.


Dancing made me physically strong & fit, mentally free and truly happy. Each lesson, with Leander, was an adventure that fuelled my passion for this art! In each new step I learned, I gained a victory (big or small). I found purpose. I found peace of mind. At first, dancing was only a way to ‘kill’ time, but I fell in love with it and now I never want to stop dancing!