Nothing excites, thrills and seduces quite like a live dance show! Your guests will be able to momentarily escape to another world where their senses, feelings and emotions will be stirred. They will love it, they will love you for it, and so will you too! 

 Do you want a spectacular live dance show choreographed on great music in any or a variety of the styles of dances described on this website? 

 Do you need to use your own people/dancers, but need your dance item or show to be choreographed? 

With a little lead time and a budget, we will help you to achieve just that! We specialize in Argentine Tango and Afri-Caribbean Club Style shows, but will gladly put on a Fred and Ginger type Ballroom and/or Latin-American show, or even a 1920’s Charleston if you prefer. 

 Dance exhibitions are popular because they make for captivating entertainment of the audience at private and corporate functions, fundraisers, weddings, conventions, product and company launches, etc. 

    call us to discuss your desired needs

    • Productions & Shows
    • Show & competitive dancers (Professional & Amateur)
    • Wedding Couples & Entourages
      • Couple only
        • Anything from fairly basic routines of a dance they already know, to very advanced choreography and training in any dance style
      • Couple & Entourage
        • Typically announced
        • Flash mob
      • Schools & Social Dance Schools
      • Private & Corporate teams
        • Custom choreography to suit your level and personality
        • Better characterization & performance techniques
        • Live your dream
        • Team building
        • Enhance creativity
        • Dress the part

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